This web site is meant to complement my FaceBook information. The latter is in two parts: the normal personal Timeline and an authorship Page - @RayNoyes - Author. Although both these contain personal information and information on the books I have written, this web site provides more comprehensive information, especially on my personal profile and the characters in the fictional books. This site also describes books that are being prepared for publishing and those to be published.

On my Facebook Page I not only discuss my own books but recommend and review ones I have read. It is meant to be a site for all those interested in reading; it's not intended to annoyingly promote my own!

I am listed as a Goodreads Author and you can find more information and reviews there too. All books are available in both printed format and Kindle from Amazon. A new distribution collaboration will eventually see them on sale at book shops.

In the section 'Books Being Published' you will find more information on them than is included on Facebook. For example, the fictional town of Abertump, where Horatio Evans lives, is described in detail. He is the lead character in the four-part series The Strange Life of Horatio Evans. This section also describes the characters in the Horatio Evans stories, their background history, occupations and the roles they play in these four books.

It also contains a map of the fictional town.

The section on Authorship contains a brief description of the books I wrote some time ago, most of them printed privately but not published. Some are non-fiction history books and there are several addressing the practice of Zen Buddhism and its application to management and leadership.

Wordcatcher Publishing (see www.wordcatcher.com) with which I collaborate, intends to publish some of these and we shall be working on their development during the year. I am grateful to them for the detailed support and the friendship which has developed between us.


I hope you enjoy exploring it. There is a contact section if you wish to send me a query by email.