Books to be published

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If you look at the section on Written but not Published, you will see a number of books that were written some time ago and which it is now time to update and publish. This one is being published late 2018 as a study into Victorian urban development using Grangetown, Cardiff, as an example. Victorian Grangetown is a comprehensive history covering time from the Norman Conquest to the end of the Victorian era.

A second book on Grangetown, The Island, is one I wrote for my grandchildren, containing memories of my post-war childhood set in the Grangetown district.  

Memoirs may not be everyone's kettle of fish, but when combined with factual historical information the pairing can be very interesting.




I explain in the Personal Profile section, that I have a deep interest in, and practice, Japanese Zen Buddhism. I taught this ancient oriental discipline for a number of years at our mountain retreat centre; during the same period I wrote a number of modest-sized volumes explaining the practice. 









During this same period of ten years I taught management and leadership, combining Zen with management. The result was a large volume entitled Slow Leadership (see the section on Authorship) accompanied by several smaller ones addressing Zen and management.

I am currently examining with the publisher the publication of these booklets, possibly in a different or a combined format.